Words about Liz:
  • Margi M.
    When I moved to Oxford two years ago, I knew one of the first things I needed to do was find a LMT who was trained in lymphatic drainage therapy, as I had developed lymphedema after a mastectomy in 2001. With the help of a wonderful LMT in my previous hometown, we had been able to keep my lymphedema under control. After making several calls around the Oxford area, I found Liz. Before each massage, she takes a current history to see what has been going on in my life. She then sets to work giving me what my body needs. She has been able to keep my lymphedema under control along with other health issues that life has brought along. She is one of those wonderful people who loves to learn and then use what she has learned to help others.

    Thank you, Liz.

  • Mary Ellen Burns
    No one should have to live with chronic back pain. Liz Moore was recommended to me by my occupational therapist who was trying to help me get a handle on my pain. I really liked Liz's caring approach in listening to me explain everything I had been doing (stretching, cardio, core strengthening, posture work, yoga, etc.) Her extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system was apparent. Each session she reevaluates the area worked on last time and focuses on new and ongoing troublesome spots. I now have better range of motion, an active lifestyle and tips she suggested to use between sessions. Liz is caring, professional and truly enjoys helping people. She gets 5 stars!

  • Cheryl Heckler
    I've gotten massages for 25 years in order to maintain my goals as a triathlete. I already considered Liz Moore the best LMT I ever met, but in 2010 she discovered a lump on my chest wall that was a VERY aggressive form of breast cancer. She cares so deeply about her clients, she will change her personal schedule on the fly, when possible, to accommodate them. She even took me to a couple chemo treatments! (I am cancer free.)

  • Marilyn Elzey
    I recommend Liz to all of my friends. As a massage therapist, she has helped me not only by working out the kinks, knots, and tight spots all over my body, but also by teaching me exercises and stretches

    I can do on my own to relieve pain and to better understand my body. If you tell Liz where you need the most work, she will focus on that part. She is very knowledgeable and professional. You will leave feeling healthier, stronger, and relieved of pain!

  • Luann Reddecliff
    I am a lifelong exerciser constantly looking for ways to improve my training. Massage work with Liz has helped to reduce chronic soreness and increase my strength, endurance and flexibility. I think of Liz as a training partner as her work allows me to push harder, train longer and go further. I highly recommend Liz, an experienced, knowledgeable therapist who can tailor her work to meet your specific massage needs.

  • Sarah
    Liz has been doing regular monthly massages for my husband and me for almost 10 years. (I couldn’t believe it’s been that long!) She has also given our two daughters massages from time to time. Her work is deeply relaxing and attentive to different trouble spots in each of us. She knows our bodies and does her utmost to make them better. We thoroughly appreciate Liz’s professionalism and expertise and have made recommendations of her skill to many friends. She is wonderful!

  • Brad Clayton
    As the poisons circulate throughout a person’s body, the soft tissue becomes inflamed and twisted. The tissue knots up causing severe pain. As the poisons travel through the blood stream the lymph nods try to flush out the toxins. The lymph nods become pearly feeling, ropey and swollen. The lymph nods push into the surrounding soft tissues. Depending which lymph nods are the most affected, determines where the most pain and therefore symptoms occur. lf the arm pits are the most troubled, then there is pain and tingling down the arms. If the poisons collected in the elbows, there is pain in those joints that cause the elbows to lock up and swell. The lymph nods in the chestJ back and spine seem to cause a person to have tingling that runs around the chest cavity. There are lymph nods in the neck and back. When those become intlamed 21 person has fibromyalgia symptoms. There are lymph nods in the pelvic region. When those get inflamed, pelvic floor disease can develop. My son’s groin, knee and ankle lymph nods bothered him the most. The lymph nods in his groin caused enormous testicular pain. The lymph nods became so enlarged, that they pressed against his urethra and his bladder had spasms like when a person has a urinary infection. He saw 5 urologists that NEVER figured it out. They prescribed over 15 pharmaceutical drugs, but never bothered to check the lymph nods. He spent over 2 weeks in the Cleveland Clinic. The Cleveland Clinic was clueless. Here is the lesson that we finally learned. When any type of toxins over burden the lymph nods, the lymph nods swell. They cause pain. They cannot do their job. What enables the lymph nods to regain their original size? It takes someone with the ability to deep massage the poison out. It takes a special person that understands. son knows who to call when he is successfully detoxifying. Successful detoxification means the poison is being removed from bones, blood, soft tissue and organs. The body sends those toxins into the lymph nods so they can tinish the job. . However, the lymph nods need help. The lymph nods need deep tissue massage to ' complete the detoxification process. It allows the body to heal from the inside out. My son calls Liz Moore.

    The soft tissues that knot up with the toxins need deep tissue massages to Work out the trapped poison. Liz specializes in deep tissue message therapies that release those knots and then the pain causing toxins can make their Way out ofthe body. Without the deep tissue massages, the soft tissues can stay knotted up forever.

    These opinions are from life experience of l0 years battling heavy rnetal, over body burden poisoning. This is what We have observed through the detoxification process. It Worked for my son. No one else could offer us a better plan or explanation. All We do know, is what my son is currently doing is Working With the help of Liz and a very dedicated holistic/traditional practicing doctor.

    Thank you

  • Luann Reddecliff
    I am writing this in support of all those Massage Therapy people who dedicate their efforts to increasing the vibrational energy in all of us. Thank you. I AM Grateful.

    About two years ago I embarked on an intense journey to open my physical-self up from the deepest places. I wanted to understand mind, body and spirit flexibility and alignment in a brand new way. I wanted to experience cellular level alignment of mind, body and spirit.

    I began my adventure with massage. I found a practitioner in my local area and I started regular visits. I varied the schedule from every 7 days to every 10 -14 days or so –depending on how my body was feeling…..because massage has the capability to place the physical body in work and recovery mode. Similar to exercise, but different in that exercise works the muscles from the inside-out and massage works the muscle from the outside-in.

    If you are on a quest to understand something (an issue) and you feel stuck, may I suggest a visit to your local massage person? Have a visit and be specific with your needs. Does your overall body need some tender care, moderate work or deep attention? Does a certain area, such as upper back or neck need extra focus? If you are unsure of what to ask for, how about suggest that the expert (the therapist) give your entire body a check over and if they find a tight spot –they will give it extra attention. Allow yourself to completely relax during your session and I feel certain you will be able to consider your original “issue” with new eyes!

    If you have ever gone for a massage, you were most likely encouraged to drink lots of water in order to flush out all of the toxins that were released during the session. This is so true. Think about this, a highly trained professional just stimulated tons of cells and gave them the message to clean-up or clear-out. You’ve got cells dying off, cells repairing themselves and new cells being created. Massage time is actually like a physical fountain of youth inside your body!! AND it FEELS GREAT!! Well, most of the time –sometimes the deep, intense, slightly uncomfortable moments are just plain Good for you…….so get over it!

    Back to my thoughts on massage. I started massage because I wanted to raise my vibration, but I needed help. I don’t know all the best way to work with my skin in order to bring about the most healing response. In addition, it’s much more enjoyable to allow another person to assist in this process. What a perfect way and place to practice mind, body and spirit surrender.

    After many months of regular massage work it was time for me to venture out alone. I was aware that my vibrational energy was steadily increasing and I had reached the part of my journey where I needed to go by myself….slow and steady while I learned how to release physical tension inside of me (which creates blockages) that may have been present since childhood. With all my heart, I believe that my mind, body and spirit alignment process has been accelerated due to the efforts and skill of my massage therapist.

    If you want to learn about your body in a new and different way –consider massage. If you are already a regular partaker of massage –do you practice Awareness during your visits? If so, do you have any suggestions to share with the rest of us? Here are a few things that you may want to consider during a future trip to the massage therapist.

    1. Before walking in the door to your appointment, consider what area of your body feels tight right at the moment?
    2. Has any particular body area felt different (loose, stiff, tight) in the morning, getting out or in the car, going up or down stairs etc.
    3. Does any particular area of the body feel extra relaxed (or tight) while being worked? Is this a new sensation?
    4. Does any particular area of the body seem to create sensations throughout or localized in other parts of the body? For example, while I was doing deep work in my shoulder area –I could feel tension being released in my sinus and mouth areas.
    5. Do you enjoy the benefits of massage long after the session because you stay well hydrated, which allows you to heal at the cellular level?
    6. Are you grateful for the massage opportunity? Do you share your attitude of gratitude with your therapist?

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